Tibetan Terriers

We are Roy and Anita Miles based in the beautiful Worcestershire town of Bromsgrove and have been keeping, showing and Breeding Tibetan Terriers for eight years. Anita first fell in love with this wonderful breed some years before however we waited until we were able to devote time to our first bitch Khados Merry Martha. Martha was chosen for us by Cheryl Johnson of Khados Kennels and we knew this was the girl for us as Anita’s nickname was Martha because of her obsession with cleanliness in the home.


Very soon it was obvious that one TT wasn’t enough so we made the fatal mistake of breeding Martha!! (With fantastic support from Cheryl), the rest is history. We now have Four girls Martha, Maizie, Mary and Mizzie quite a mouthful.


Because of this fatal error we have had the privilege of allowing many other families the wonderful chance of owning one of our little people and have made many friends all over the UK. Someone said to us that once we owned a Tibetan Terrier there would be no other dog for us and its true they are the most rewarding and frustrating dogs in the world.


If you want a ball fetching roll over beg and sit dog then a TT is not for you however if you want an  exciting, wonderful, naughty, infuriating, fantastic new member of your family then sign up for a lifetime of love and affection from a bred that knows no boundaries with regard to emotion and loyalty.